The MissQuito Way

We value what you value. Our promise to our customers is to really listen to your needs and provide you a solution specific to you. We understand busy schedules and the needs to enjoy the most from your home. That’s why we are happy to accommodate your service and communications preferences. Let’s get started!
Q – Quality Service
U – Unwavering Commitment to Safety
I – Inclusive Workforce
T – Trustworthy
O – Open Communication

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Our Team

Natasha Oldham, General Manager
Chelsea Walters, Mosquito Control Specialist

Serving Metro Atlanta

MissQuito is a women-led and run mosquito control company focused on creating a mosquito-free environment through excellent and easy communication servicing the metro Atlanta area. As a woman-led business, MissQuito focuses on quality service, commitment to safety for you and your family, an inclusive workforce, and open communication.