Environmentally Conscious Options for a Mosquito Free Yard

You shouldn’t have to choose between effective and eco-conscious mosquito control. Our eco-friendly options target adults and mosquito larvae to provide maximum mosquito control. The natural, non-toxic ingredients are just as effective as synthetic sprays without harming the environment. You can feel comfortable are gentle solutions are safe for your family, kids, and pets.

Both the Purple and Purple Plus plans can be upgraded to a green option.

What to Expect

  • Easy: Service usually takes about 15-30 minutes. With online billing and appointment scheduling, though, you don’t even have to be home!
  • Effective: The same effectiveness as synthetic treatments to repel and exterminate mosquitoes from your yard.
  • Reliable: Depending on your service plan, your mosquito protection will last between 14 and 30 days before it’s time for another treatment.
  • Responsive: Questions or concerns? We’re always on call for you. Or text us if it’s more convenient!
  • Empathetic: As a women-run company, we know that caring for your home takes time. We’re here to take mosquitoes and the stress out of the situation.

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control for Yard

For maximum green mosquito control, we pair the In2Care mosquito trap with a natural, botanical barrier spray. When used in tandem, it effectively repels and exterminates mosquitoes while doing no harm. The botanical spray has an effectiveness of about 14 days, but the In2Care Trap only needs to be serviced once a month. Our eco-conscious application uses a battery-powered sprayer. Not only does it eliminate the use of gasoline, but it is also whisper-quiet.

Services start at $90/month

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Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

Services start at $90/month

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What’s included with Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

Eco-Friendly Mosquito
Spray Services

Botanical barrier sprays use natural ingredients that do no harm. The ingredients only repel and exterminate mosquitoes leaving other insects like pollinators unharmed. Even if plants come directly into contact with the botanical spray, the foliage will not be harmed. A natural mosquito repellent is formulated from ingredients considered to be family-friendly, and pet-friendly.

The spray has a mixture of essential oils like lemongrass oil, geraniol, castor oil, cedarwood oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and corn oil. It is one of the most environmentally sound and effective mosquito repellents.


  • Tailored Mosquito Control

    Our expert technicians take the time to understand how you use your outdoor space. She’ll apply the barrier spray in targeted areas that will protect your family but attack mosquito hot spots. The natural mosquito repellent effectively kills mosquitoes within 24 hours!

    The mosquito barrier spray is applied with the backpack blower. The mosquito spray eliminates mosquitoes by instantly killing the adults and preventing the mosquito eggs from hatching.

  • Protect Pollinators

    Natural ingredients that repel and exterminate mosquitoes but are harmless to pollinators.

  • Kid and Pet Friendly

    The repellent can be applied to, without discoloring, swing sets, patios, eaves, windows, doorways, porch lights, and utility boxes.

    Once it dries, your kids and pets are welcome to enjoy their yard. And it smells great!

  • Gentle on Gardens

    The green ingredients will not hurt any foliage if the spray comes into contact with it. We can spray under shrubs, woodpiles, leafy areas, and places that are shaded and moist.

In2Care Mosquito Trap

The mosquito trap provides green protection from mosquitoes. It has two active ingredients that kill larvae and a biological fungus that kills adult mosquitoes.

  • How it Works

    Resembling a flower pot, the In2Care has active ingredients that only target the larvae and the adult. It attracts egg-laying mosquitoes. The larvicide exterminates any larvae and the organic fungus that kills the adult mosquito. The In2Trap does not contain an adulticide.

  • Novel, Green Ingredients

    The In2Trap does not harm humans, pets, birds, or beneficial insects. Novel and green ingredients target both larvae and adults. The adult mosquitoes are targeted with fungus spores that are organic.

    No chemicals are unnecessarily spread. The active ingredients bind to the adult. She carries it to other hard-to-find mosquito breed grounds. This will effectively knock down the mosquito population in your yard.

  • Timeline

    It takes two to three weeks for the In2Care trap to activate. We recommend servicing the trap every four weeks

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