Mosquito Barrier Treatments

Mosquito barrier spray treatments are one of the most effective means for mosquito control in your yard. You’ll notice results almost instantly.

What to Expect

  • Easy: Service usually takes about 15-30 minutes. With online billing and appointment scheduling, though, you don’t even have to be home!
  • Effective: Mosquito spray treatments for your yard take effect almost instantly. Maximum effectiveness takes 24-48 hours.
  • Reliable: Depending on your service plan, your mosquito protection will last between 14 and 30 days before it’s time for another treatment.
  • Responsive: Questions or concerns? We’re always on call for you. Or text us if it’s more convenient!
  • Empathetic: As a women-run company, we know that caring for your home takes time. We’re here to take mosquitoes and the stress out of the situation.

Barrier Spray Services

We take the time to understand how you use your outdoor area so we can provide targeted protection. We want to know when you experience mosquitoes and where on your property they are the biggest pest.

  • Targeted Mosquito Control

    The mosquito barrier spray is applied with the backpack blower to target mosquito hot spots on your property.

    We spray the perimeter of your yard, under decks, areas with foliage, under bushes, and trees. We avoid spraying directly on the grass or around blooming flowers. Eco-friendly treatment options are available.

  • Fast and Effective

    Depending on the size of your yard, service takes between 15-30 minutes. You can start enjoying your outdoor space once the product has dried which usually takes a little over an hour. You’ll notice a significant drop in mosquito activity after our treatment!

    A perfect treatment option for outdoor events.

  • Convenient and Flexible

    The mosquito barrier spray maintains effectiveness from 21 to 30 days. We recommend a recurring service to prevent mosquitoes from returning. After your initial inspection and service, you can schedule whenever is most convenient for you. You don’t even need to be at home.

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