West Nile Virus in Ohio

West Nile virus (WNV) is a growing concern for residents in Ohio. This mosquito-borne illness has become a prominent public health issue in recent years, and Ohio is not immune to its risks. Ohio typically sees a seasonal pattern of WNV cases, with higher risk during the summer and early fall when mosquito activity is… Continue reading West Nile Virus in Ohio

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Ohio Reports Highest La Crosse Virus Cases Nationwide

As mosquito season reaches its peak, Public Health officials in Ohio are remaining cautious of the La Crosse (LAC) Encephalitis Virus, a mosquito-borne virus carried by Aedes triseriatus mosquitoes.   From 2003-2021, the CDC reported 404 reported cases of LAC in Ohio, the highest La Crosse Virus Cases Nationwide. What is La Crosse Encephalitis? La… Continue reading Ohio Reports Highest La Crosse Virus Cases Nationwide

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Meet the Franchise Owner: Katy Mullins

We are thrilled to introduce our first MissQuito franchise owner, Katy Mullins in Northeast Cleveland, Ohio! Katy brings a passion for community involvement and serving customers that perfectly aligns with our company’s values and mission. “I’m excited about how focused MissQuito is on community involvement. I am looking forward to being able to sponsor local… Continue reading Meet the Franchise Owner: Katy Mullins

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Ohio Mosquito Season

Ohio doesn’t really spring to mind when we think of mosquito-heavy states, but it is quietly plagued with them: two of Ohio’s three largest cities (Cleveland and Cincinnati) were included in Orkin’s Top Mosquito Cities for 2021. Ohio’s largest city, Columbus, also made the list in 2017. There are about 60 different species of mosquitoes… Continue reading Ohio Mosquito Season

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