How does eco-friendly mosquito control work?

The most common question we hear from our customers is about a green option. They are concerned about how mosquito spraying can affect the environment and the safety of their children and pets.

To learn more about all the eco-friendly mosquito control solutions, we asked service manager Chelsea Waters to learn more.

What are the benefits of an eco-friendly option?

You can get rid of most of the mosquitoes in your yard without harming pollinating insects! Especially bees which are becoming endangered. There are natural ingredients that repel and kill mosquitoes. We don’t have to use chemical insecticides to protect you and your family from mosquito bites.

What are the eco-friendly options?

We have our stand-alone service of In2Care traps which requires no spraying and reduces the amount of mosquitoes exponentially. We also have a botanical spray that we use every two weeks that can also be paired with In2Care to create an even more effective barrier around your home. 

What is the difference between eco-friendly barrier sprays and synthetic mosquito barrier sprays?

The difference between synthetic and eco-friendly is that synthetic harms a lot of insects, even if they’re not sprayed directly, if they come into contact with it on foliage they could possibly die. Our eco-friendly botanical ingredients do not have that effect.

Synthetics last longer than most eco-friendly which is why people choose them so often. At MissQuito we use an environmentally friendly mosquito control option that has a powerful combination of essential oils including lemongrass, Castor oil, Geraniol, and Cedarwood oil.

How effective are the eco-friendly ingredients?

Depends on which one you use honestly. Traditionally, eco-friendly options did not last as long as mosquito control that uses pyrethroid.

We use natural mosquito control that is as effective as synthetic mosquito control and lasts almost as long. It has been tested to have a 100% knockdown rate after four hours of application. Furthermore, it was found to be nearly as effective 21 days after application as 14 days after application.

How are mosquito traps eco-friendly?

Mosquito traps have a low impact on the environment. Mosquito traps use a larvicide to kill mosquitoes. The traps only attract female mosquitoes that lay their eggs in the trap.

There is no application of adulticides. Mosquito adulticides are applied as ulta-low volume sprays. Adulticides either kill mosquitoes immediately or work over time. Depending on the type of pesticide, these can harm other insects and pollinators.

Can you answer how our eco-friendly options compare to other mosquito control like Thermcell or mosquito repellent sprays with DEET?

Also, MissQuito’s eco-friendly treatments last longer. You will need to reapply mosquito spray as long as you are outside.

Citronella and thermacells have a limited area of effectiveness. Thermacells cartridges last a few hours.

Are the eco-friendly options safe for pets, kids, and plants?

Yes, they are! I’ve had a customer’s dog drink out of the In2Care bucket and they were perfectly fine. As well as the eco-friendly spray, once it’s dry (smells really good too), your kids and pets are more than welcome to enjoy the yard! 

DIY Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control Solutions

The best mosquito control targets every stage of a mosquito’s life. Our mosquito spray exterminates adult mosquitoes. Traps control mosquito larvae. There are simple home remedies you can do to stop mosquitoes.

One of the most important mosquito control solutions is to remove mosquito habitats and breeding grounds. Eliminate any standing water on your property, especially in bird baths, gutters, old tires, and toys. Keep swimming pool water treated and circulating.

Aedes mosquitoes, one of the most common species of mosquitoes in the U.S., can get indoors to bite you. Install “bug-tight” screens over windows and doors.

Natural Mosquito Control for the Yard

Mosquito treatment is a quick and easy way to eliminate mosquitoes on your property. At MissQuito, our all-female team of trained experts target mosquitos throughout their entire lifecycle using a variety of eco-friendly repellants. With same to next-day appointments, and the ability to work around your schedule, our mosquito control is as convenient as it is effective.