Mosquito Control in Lake County, Ohio

Katy Mullins, the franchise owner in Northeast Cleveland, shared some photos apply mosquito control services around Lake County. Katy uses a nontoxic mosquito control treatment on the porches and around these ferns. Ferns provide a moist, shaded area that mosquitoes love. Located on the porch, these ferns are close to people. The eco-friendly treatment uses… Continue reading Mosquito Control in Lake County, Ohio

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Spraying Your Yard for Mosquitoes

Mosquito season has started. Nothing can ruin your backyard like biting mosquitoes. Katy owner of MissQuito in Northeast Cleveland shared some amazing photos of where we spray in the yard for mosquito control. Where We Spray in Your Yard for Mosquito Control Our mosquito spray targets mosquito hot spots and creates a barrier around your… Continue reading Spraying Your Yard for Mosquitoes

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Ohio Mosquito Season

Ohio doesn’t really spring to mind when we think of mosquito-heavy states, but it is quietly plagued with them: two of Ohio’s three largest cities (Cleveland and Cincinnati) were included in Orkin’s Top Mosquito Cities for 2021. Ohio’s largest city, Columbus, also made the list in 2017. There are about 60 different species of mosquitoes… Continue reading Ohio Mosquito Season

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