Purple Plus Plan

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MissQuito’s Purple Plus treatment includes all the benefits of the Purple Plan’s traditional barrier spray treatment, offering immediate mosquito relief that lasts, on average, 21 days. PLUS the added protection of the eco-friendly N2care Population Reduction System.

Don’t let mosquitoes control your yard, porch, or lawn. Not only can mosquito bites ruin any outdoor activity, but also their bites can spread diseases. Protect your lawn and protect your family. We work around your schedule and create a tailored plan to control mosquitoes.



Upgrade to our maximum mosquito protection. The Purple Plan Plus includes all the benefits of the Purple Plan’s mosquito barrier spray with the added protection from the N2care Population Reduction System.

Our mosquito spray service starts working immediately. The barrier spray protects your entire yard and exterminates all adult mosquitoes.

The N2care Population Reduction System expands the protection of barrier spray treatment. The N2care Population Reduction System targets adult mosquitoes and larvae. Resembling a flower pot, the active ingredients bind to the adult. She carries it to other hard-to-find mosquito breed grounds. This will effectively knock down the mosquito population in your yard.

Ask about an upgrade to eco-friendly treatments.

The mosquito barrier spray service takes between 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your yard. We focus on spraying the perimeter of your yard, as well as areas with foliage, under decks, bushes, and trees. However, we take extra care to avoid spraying directly on the grass or around blooming flowers, ensuring your plants remain unharmed.


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Empathetic Service

As a women-run company, we know that caring for your home takes time. We’re here to take mosquitoes and the stress out of the situation. We're always there for. Call or text!

Convenient and Flexible

Schedule service whenever it is most convenient you. After initial treatment, you don't even need to be at home.

Tailored Mosquito Control

We identify and target any problem spots, in addition to spraying the perimeter of your space. Mosquito spray treatments provide immediate results and maximum effectiveness takes 24-48 hours.


The In2Care does not harm humans, pets, birds, or beneficial insects. The fungus spores that target adults are organic. No chemicals are unnecessarily spread.


Upgrade to MissQuito’s green mosquito control that features products that use naturally derived active ingredients.

2 reviews for Purple Plus Plan

  1. Melissa Angle

    We’ve chosen the Green Synthetic Plan for two seasons in a row and have been stunned by its effectiveness. Ours includes In2Care traps and a pollinator-safe lemongrass oil perimeter spray. Previously, our yard, deck and porch were basically useless because of mosquito attacks — it was not unusual to come inside with more than 10 bites after a short time outside. Now, we can be outside all evening or working in the yard and not get a single bite.

    MissQuito has made our yard useable again.

    They’re affordable, communicative and easy to work with. I’ve referred at least three new customers and highly recommend!

  2. Lauren Taylor

    I have had nothing but positive interactions with every person I’ve been in contact with! Not to mention I can actually go outside without getting destroyed by mosquitos! I live in the woods so that’s huge! Love this company. 10/10 would recommend!

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